Singapore Adventure

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lake Wobegon Days
by venitha

It may have been a quiet week in , but it was a busy one in Singapore:
  • I learned to cook chole [pictured] and palak paneer. Thank you, Deepali! Mmmm... chole.
  • I ran a 10k every morning. This was still insufficient to burn off all the chole I ate. Mmmm... chole. Ugh... sweat.
  • I had my first hypnosis session. I was either in a hypnotic trance, or I slept. Regardless, I have a strange new appreciation for the color red but not that much of an appreciation, because...
  • I painted the apartment blue. Why do paint colors in Singapore have the same foofy names they have in the US? No laksa (yellow-orange), no frangipani (pink), and most disappointing of all, no kiasu (green).
  • We hosted a small roof-top games night, where we taught our friends Sheepshead, a psychotic German card game, and learned 42, a great Texan dominoes game. Yes, we're still in Singapore, Toto. Next up: Mah Jongg!
  • We hosted a roof-top supper party for Jim's work group. One of Jim's co-workers chose the food, which included pizza... with corn on it. That's just not right.
  • I discovered and danced with abandon to this apartment's theme song, The Nylons' Up The Ladder to the Roof.
  • I napped extravagantly. I don't know how Jim made it through work this week unless he caught catnaps every time they strayed off into Mandarin on his conference calls.
  • We had our first class. So much for Jim's nap time. And mine. Methinks we're going to have to study.
  • I did not kill anyone, including myself or Jim, during many early morning phone calls to the US to resolve insurance issues. Is United Healthcare criminal, merely inept, or performing a psychological experiment on me to determine how much I can take before I go postal? Good thing I painted the apartment such a soothing color.
  • I planned a tour of the Yakult factory. According to their advertisements, Yakult will keep me healthy so I don't need those accursed insurance people; according to my friend Rohit, the tour is quite nice.
  • I hired a new part-time maid. Americans are now thinking I am hideously lame to have a maid when I'm unemployed, and Singaporeans are now thinking I am hideously lame for not having a live-in maid.
  • I made plans for Bali, glorious Bali! Maid or no, I definitely need a vacation after this week.

Just as I finished proudly patting myself on the back for all of my achievements this week, Sonja, Timo, and big sister Anaïs went and leapfrogged me. Welcome to world, baby boy Kiran!