Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mother Nature: Pulau Ubin
by venitha

We joined a Nature Trekker hike at the nearby island of Pulau Ubin on the night of a full moon, and the creepy crawlies were out basking in its glow: spiders, scorpions, beetles, geckos, even wild boars!

The thing that sent shivers down my spine, though, was the earnestness with which our fellow trekkers treated the paranormal. Our guide chose our route specifically to avoid an area of "known" supernatural activity; our group was small, only about a dozen, and this was apparently not sizeable enough to protect us from I don't know what. We were also all encouraged to take photographs within a deserted shack, as others, we were told, had previously captured images of ghosts not visible to the naked eye. Crushingly, my trusty HP digital camera let me down.