Singapore Adventure

Saturday, July 30, 2005

by jima

Just a quick update on our Sounds of Singapore report, particularly the "bad music" aspect. Last night, while waiting for some friends for dinner, we wandered around the Little India section of town, just browsing in some shops. Many of these shops were playing music from India, soundtracks from Bollywood films I suspect, but I don't really know.

We, however, didn't go into those shops. Noooo. We went into a shop that was playing the 70's soft rock train wreck, Torn Between Two Lovers. For those of you lucky enough not to know this song, I won't infect you with it; just know that it was this song, and others like it, that drove otherwise normal, healthy kids to stick safety pins in their cheeks and to form punk rock bands.

When we walked in the shop, the song was mercifully almost over. "OK," I thought to myself, "I can put up with this for 30 seconds. The next song will probably be another Bollywood show tune." But alas, as soon as it finished, guess what came on? Yep! Torn Between Two Lovers - again!

We didn't stay to find out if this was the only musical selection they had. Venitha was definitely singing along as she browsed the aisles, and she later said that the woman working the register was, too. Venitha's purchases? Bluetack (to hang our cool laminated Singapore map) and a lingerie drying rack.