Singapore Adventure

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Harpers On Moving Day
by venitha

Number of carloads brought from our service apartment: 3
Number of packages in our ocean shipment: 64
Number of guys moving and unpacking said items: 4
Item Venitha was happiest to see: silverware
Item Jim was happiest to see: coffee mugs
Most useless item we brought: coatrack
First purchase after moving in: ant spray
Number of keys that came with the apartment: 26
Number of air-conditioning units, including with remotes: 6
Number of plants on the first floor that need to be watered daily: 4
Strangest location for watering these plants: leaning out of the window from the shower
Number of plants on the rooftop balcony that need to be watered daily: 47
Strangest appliance: wireless doorbell
Venitha's favorite item left by the owner: wooden shoes
Jim's favorite item left by the owner: naked torso lamp
Venitha's least favorite item left by the owner: naked torso lamp

Weight of one of the wooden shoes: 60 lbs.
Appliance we still haven't figured out how to work: water heater
First utility installed: wireless internet
Number of times Jim has bonked his head on the ceiling lamp in the living room: 3
Number of days it took us to finish doing all of the dishes: ?
Percentage of our view dominated by construction: 15
Number of construction cranes spotted out the kitchen window on moving day: 12

First meal in the apartment: bread (courtesy of our first guests, Timo, Sonia, and Anais - thanks!) and guavas and rambutans (courtesy of the fruit vendor along street to the MRT station)
Inaugural drink on the rooftop: 2004 Trivento Reserve Syrah-Malbec from Argentina
Sighted from the rooftop as we enjoyed said drink: fireworks over the Esplanade