Singapore Adventure

Monday, July 04, 2005

by venitha

Our first Sunday night here found us exhausted and hungry, with an empty refrigerator, slim pickings at the Cold Storage deli, and a determination not to eat out at yet another nice but expensive restaurant along the riverfront. No, vacation is over. It's time to get down to business and start exploring the local fare.

So off we set on a short walk to the nearest HDB, intending to brave the ground floor and obtain a cheap supper. Our pride in finding the place dissipated when it turned out to be deserted. Are we too early? Too late? Can Sunday night possibly be the one night of the week that Singaporeans actually eat in? Disappointed, we headed back toward home. We can just make that noodle bowl from our welcome basket. And get some dried mango at 7-11 for dessert.

Fate intervened on our way home when we saw a man sit down on a bench and remove a fresh mango from a Meidi-ya bag. Hmmmm...Meidi-ya. Looking in the direction from which our hero had come revealed, lo and behold, a Meidi-ya sign high up on a nearby building. Is it possible there's another grocery store in our midst?

Meidi-ya is apparently a Japanese grocery chain, and the store had everything you'd expect a grocery store to have, plus a large Japanese section of stuff not labeled in English that I assume was food, though you wouldn't know it to look at it. And, it had a deli. A large deli. With a lot of sushi. And a small Asian woman sticking discounted price stickers on all of the sushi containers. Score!

Thus began our happy tradition of Sunday night sushi. Who knows if it will survive our upcoming move out of Fraser Place. Though perhaps it's just the Meidi-ya portion of the tradition that won't last; my very brief exploration of the shopping centers near our new apartment revealed the ultimate in Japanese dining: conveyor belt sushi. Yee ha!