Singapore Adventure

Friday, January 19, 2007

chicken coup leg tragedy
by jima

A year-and-a-half later, Extreme Tracking is still cooler than sliced bread.

Wondering just who, if anyone, was out there reading, Venitha installed Extreme Tracking on this blog fairly early on, thereby creating an addiction, a turnabout-is-fair-play satisfaction (you are, after all, reading our, or at least Venitha's, most intimate thoughts), and a great source of amusement. It shows specific visitors (Hi, Mom!), it lists numbers of hits based on country of origin (major spike after our trip to India last year), and best of all, it displays the web searches that have led people to this blog.

I've been saving the good searches, and, with less than two weeks left to this adventure, it's finally time to share. The following are the top ten searches that led people to this blog:

10) Massage. These searches are more common than propositions in Chinatown. They range from the normal:

javanese massage, singapore

to the off-color

"spa singapore buttock massage"

to the downright pornographic, which I did not save. Sorry lah.

9) Context. The searches that make me think I need to pay more attention to what Venitha's writing.

Davenport of despair

cowboys in skintight wranglers

miss singapore transvestite contest

Acrobat lounge waitresses uniforms

8) Names. With a name like Venitha, it's not unfathomable that people might look for her and find this blog. Oddly, I recently saw that someone had arrived here after searching for my generic name. Yes, in spite of all the Indians dismissing Venitha as a dime a dozen and enthusing, "Jim! What an interesting name!", my first name, my last name, and, lamentably, the combination are all quite common in the US. We'll be naming the baby Beelzebub to make her life easier.

7) Bizarro. Searches that really really make me wonder about the general searching public.

Eat eyeballs

Eat stingray cook
Lots of unidentifiable stuff at hawker centres, but this takes the cake.

what color bulb should i use in a chicken coup
Nope. Not making this up. Not even the spelling error.

Caning of mandarin orange
Singapore is harsh. What crime exactly does an orange commit to warrant caning?

And now the searches that deserve individual praise, both for the searcher and for the blog that's found:

6) T
Searching for the letter T on google produces about 3 billion results. And they found us! Such an honor!

5) dealing with a macho husband
Clearly, Venitha was searching.

4) Squat on toilet leg severed
Whoa! I'm not a big fan of squat toilets, but I had no idea they could be this dangerous!

3) "the jeff tobin"
Pre-pending the the takes googling yourself to a whole new level. Impressive.

2) hottest singapore blogs
Undoubtedly, the most appropriate search to end at this blog.

And, finally, the best search ever:

1) turd milkshake
Actually, maybe this one's more appropriate? Makes me laugh every time I read it.

Thanks for playing. If you can find an outrageous search that lands here, let me know!