Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

by venitha

Shanghai Day #1.
  • 7:23 pm. "No photography allowed."

    This and a look of steel from our waitress, a Chinese woman in a Chinese restaurant, to whom it just took four adults, one 4-year old, several minutes of apparently very bad charades, the Lonely Planet Shanghai, and a Mandarin phrasebook to communicate the you-would-think-obvious fact that we would like steamed rice to accompany our meal.

    Chinese Censorship: 1

  • 9:41 pm. "Can you get to the blog on your computer?"

    While I can still post to this blog, I can't actually see it. This same banishment appears to be applied to all blogspot blogs, so I can take comfort in the fact that Singapore Adventure hasn't been singled out for using the word Bollocks and posting endless racy and seditious food pictures.

    Chinese Censorship: 2

  • 10:12 pm. "VPN. Hello, blog."

    Jim is so clever. I do love him so.

    American Ingenuity: 1

  • 2:37 am. "But I don't need your VPN! I can just... Whoops, sorry. I'll just shut up and let you go back to sleep now. Because you have to get up early. And I can sleep in. I'm sorry. I can get up with you. Want to work out? Sorry."

    Jim doesn't strangle me even when I deserve it. I do love him so.

    American Ingenuity: 2

Chinese Censorship returned to its original trick and scored again on Shanghai Day #2 with the unfathomable food photography prohibition. Never fear, however. American Ingenuity is a force to be reckoned with.